Tea House 003 – Immersion Trip to China

The “Golden Panda” North American Filmmaker Cultural Immersion Trip to Guangdong, China is organized by CNTV, the Guangdong Province Tourism Bureau, Southern Media Corporation, and Orient Star Media Inc. G&E Canada, China Daily USA and China Southern Airlines (Vancouver) also helped to organize the trip. It lasts from March 30 to April 6. A total of 16 members, including the award winners and several individuals from local cultural and film production sectors, were entitled to a one-week cultural immersion trip to Guangdong Province, China. The trip aims to promote Chinese culture in the United States and Canada, and to encourage further cultural exchange between China and these two countries. As the China-Canada Cultural Exchange Year begins, the cultural exchange trip presents the opportunity for not just the participants, but also provides a platform for all North Americans to better understand China’s landscapes, customs and people.